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Beitragvon Kuno » 4/6/2007, 19:39

" 15th Tank Division, 617th Anti-Aircraft Division, Africa 1942

- Anti-Aircraft Division JG27, Libya 1942 "

This confuses me a little bit ;-)

Further; I thought that the wooden cabin came only later into service but not already in 1942
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Re: Opel "Blitz" - open top

Beitragvon don_haesi_78 » 6/10/2016, 16:44

i would like to "solve" the riddle about chopped of cabins of Trucks and other Vehicles.

In Africa, the Germans had long and open Support-Lines to the Units at the Front, so, the drivers of the trucks and Transporters were often on very long trips with the risk of allied Fighter-Bombers wo could surprise the treck. Therefore, they used previousely attacked vehicles with Battledamage and chopped of the Roof, so that the co-driver was able to see completely 360 degrees above( the Fighter Bombers were often attacking from towards the sun) and warn the complete treck about attacking Airplanes. these Trucks were driving in Front, and in the rear of the treck and their Job was to spot Enemies before they could attack their comrades in the other trucks. But it was not "common" or planned, it was just improvised reaction to a Problem on the Battlefield.

Sources: Memories of my Grandfather, who served in Africa as Support-driver.

I hope my english is understandeable^^

greetings, Mirko
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