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DAK Special Equipment

Beitragvon DAKKER » 29/9/2007, 22:45

I think that all of us know this below picture of a DAK Soldier. But is this really like they were in Africa? To mee it looks as it would be a pure (and poor) propaganda foto. Who would have wrapped the face that tight? He could not breath any more! Any other pics showing something similar?
PhotoDAKMaskSoldier.jpg (26.58 KiB) 590-mal betrachtet

Beitragvon mbberlin » 30/9/2007, 08:46

It think it is very needful into a Ghibli. The Beduins are doing the same to protect theri mouth, nose and ears in a heavy sand storm.

Beitragvon cmzander » 30/9/2007, 17:57

1. Looking at the wrapped face in contrast to the unprotected gun it seems to me a propaganda foto.

2. There was a "dust-mask" (Staubmaske) designed for NA. But when it was tested it wasn´t suitable under those circumstances and was very rarely used. I think there is one of those masks taken on the pic.
Later to their amazement the NA soldiers got a green scarf of pure silk with their equipment. They soon knew why.

Beitragvon DAKKER » 30/9/2007, 18:49

Einfach das Gesichtstuch nicht zu eng schnüren, damit es nicht zu sowas kommt:
07_tb_star_wars_1_5.jpg (46.57 KiB) 937-mal betrachtet

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