German Arab volunteers in Tunesia,1943

Special Forces (Axis)

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German Arab volunteers in Tunesia,1943

Beitragvon gamer » 11/10/2006, 04:40

Hello friends, this is an interesting forum!
I request more anfirmation about Arab-volunteer kampgroup (and name of kampgroup leader), that fought briefly in the Mateur/ Sedeyenane Valley area of Tunesia, from mid-April to 7 May 1943. This kampgruppe was said to comprise (x2) shutzen Kompanien, (x1) "heavy weapons" Kompanie,with 15cm sig-33 platoon, 2cm leicht Flak platoon, panzerjaeger platoon with PAK-40 guns, and MG platoon. I ask for name of this kampgruppe; and history of brief combat??
On May 1st, this kampgroup was said to fight in support of "HG" fallschirm kampgruppe...and repelled an attack by U.S.Army forces (likely 1st U.S.Infantry Division).
This kampgruppe was said to capitulate on May 7th,1943, while stationed near Bizerte-Tunis railway, surrendering to U.S. tank forces ( likely U.S. 1st Armored Division). It is thought POW's may have spent the war in Camp Opelika, Alabama. Any information about this kampgruppe would be much appreciated, vielen Danke, gamer.

Arab volunteers for Axis

Beitragvon gamer » 28/10/2006, 22:11

Does any person have any information of the Axis Arab volunteers in Tunesia? I have a small "booklet" named: "Lions of the Desert: Arab Volunteers in the German Army 1942-1945", written by A.Munoz, that states the following. "In mid-april 1943 some German personnel of >Deutsch-Arabische Ausbildungs Battalion</ German Arab Training Battalion- also called Arab Legion, plus all of the Muslims who had finished their training, reinforced by some German ex-Foreign Legion troops,-were combined into a kampgruppe...near ferryville,in Tunesia."

The strength of this kampgruppe was stated as in the first post above.
It is also stated in the booklet that, this Arab kampgruppe served with the 999th Light Afrila Division, near Mateur,Tunesia, during "Endkampfe" in Tunesia-April,1943.
Is this kampgruppe =KG Rauff, of V Pz.Armee? I want to know name of this Arab kampgruppe, Thank you, gamer.

Beitragvon Kuestenjaeger » 28/10/2006, 23:36

Our old thread for you:


Arab Legion

Beitragvon gamer » 29/10/2006, 09:09

Thank you Kuestenjaeger; it is interesting to learn about old times. My search about the "End Game' in Tunisia continues. gamer.

Beitragvon Kuestenjaeger » 29/10/2006, 13:46

You can see any scenes from arab volunteers in the german documantation SPIEGEL-TV "Das Dritte Reich in Farbe 1937-45" in colour.
8mm movie from the unit commander.

Beitragvon DAKKER » 30/10/2006, 19:47

Gibt es von diesem Streifen ev. ein paar Fotos (ab Bildschirm oder so)?

Beitragvon Kuestenjaeger » 30/10/2006, 21:06

Ich könnte mal schauen,ob ich das Video (also diese 3-4 Minuten) irgendwo reinstellen könnte.
Youtube oder Rapidshare,mal schauen.
Habe bloss gerade Nachtschicht.
Da habe für sowas kein Nerv.

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