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Beitragvon mbberlin » 4/2/2008, 00:05

Do you have a special system to "scan" the north african areas?

Beitragvon neil » 4/2/2008, 00:06

The second photo shows each emplacement at about 60ft across, and next to a road, but the first one i'm just not sure about...a lot smaller and out in the middle of nowhere.

KUNO! Run over there and take a look. lol

Beitragvon mbberlin » 4/2/2008, 00:14

I think the first site is much older than the scond.

Here ist one from egypt: ... ressed.jpg

If I'm right the Libyans had to minimize their rockets after they had some trouble with the United Nations after 1986.

Because of modern sattelites it is also normal to change the positions of such batteries often.

Beitragvon neil » 4/2/2008, 00:38

mbberlin hat geschrieben:Do you have a special system to "scan" the north african areas?

naw...I just find a patch that's reasonably clear and do a systematic search, marking anything that looks military. I just can't tell WW-II from modern with exception to the bulldozer scrapings. Once abandoned and given time, they all look alike.

Beitragvon mbberlin » 4/2/2008, 00:49

This is real interesting!

Beitragvon neil » 6/2/2008, 07:03

:oops: Well...the SAM site info was good, I'll know what to look for now

But back to the WW-II subject...Are there any books or web info that describes the actual setting up of a defensive area? I've found many reports of how it SHOULD be done, but nothing like a vet describing it realistically. All the books I've acquired so far are all about battles, tactics and operations, etc. The best REAL information I've come across so far are Kunos photos of old emplacements.

The North African battlefield is littered with military positions, there MUST be a way to weed out the new stuff.


Re: Individual fighting positions

Beitragvon landser162 » 9/11/2019, 03:20

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Stellung mit Wasserkanister 1941.

Quelle: ... rmvSB=true

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